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British weather is very uncertain, which can make your clothes to dry an enormous deal! With indoor clothes airer, you can dry your clothes in any weather. With our compact clothesairer, your clothes can stay outdoors to dry when the sun comes out and you can easily carry them inside when it rains. If you are lucky enough to enjoy the full sunshine, expand your outdoor drying area with a rotary airer.

It is desirable to have freshly aired clothing and so the need for efficient and space-saving clothes airer arises. Keeping this in mind, Unibos specially designed clothes drying rack to fit in a compact room, garden or balcony. From indoor hanging clothes drying rack, heavy-duty clothes hanger to portable hand steamer for clothes, we have everything to keep your clothes dry, fresh and super clean. With our new range of clothes hanger, you can now dry your clothes wherever and whenever you want.   

Unibos takes care of all your laundry needs. With our wall mounted clothes hanger, it is convenient to store your laundry clothes to ensure that it keeps your clothes clean and that they do not crease and smell into the laundry baskets. For a more powerful cleaning solution, our clothing steamers are great for addressing wrinkles, bacteria and odors that are produced in clothes after an interminably tiring day. Our laundry products online are designed to leverage the space you have, from portable clothes steamer to indoor clothes airer, we tailor all our equipment with a priority on toughness and flexibility. Whether speed or space, we offer laundry product in the UK that serves your every need.

Clothes Airer

Before storing the clothes, it is mandatory to dry them, which keeps them fresh. That’s why your clothes must get a great air, which prevents dampness and smell of residuals of washing powders. Good quality clothes airer has fine soft angles to prevent snags and pulling in your clothes. At Unibos, we offer a full range of indoor and outdoor airers to dry your clothes and keep them fresh. Here’s what we got in our series.

Indoor Clothes Airers screening at home is an excellent way to dry clothes and towels after washing. You can use ambient heat to help reach full dryness or put it in a radiator for faster operation. We offer all kinds of airers, steamers and dryers specially designed to use at home. They all come with multiple rails, so you can wash them all and fold them flat and store them between washes. These airers are durable, user-friendly and easy to store. 

Wall Mounted Clothes drying rack

Our wall mounted drying rack is simple and stylish in design, which seamlessly stores your towels and clothes and keeps them dry to add a modern feel to your bathroom or laundry room. This is a perfect bathroom clothes hanger choice which is space-saving, multifunctional, sturdy and durable. You can use it not only to hang towels but also to dry clothes. Meanwhile, you can put some insignificant items on top to keep your space neat and clean. If you are looking for a space-saving wall mounted clothes drying rack in the UK, then you have arrived at the right place.

Portable clothes steamer

Forget heavy iron, this compact and lightweight portable clothes steamer is hand steamer for clothes whose design is travel and storage-friendly. This is the best handheld clothes steamer which gives you a firm and durable grip that allows you to maintain it easily and is easier to use than a traditional steam iron. Now say goodbye to wrinkles with this new nozzle design of the best portable clothes steamer with increasing spray volume supplies steam to eliminate harsh wrinkles in many light clothes, curtains, bedding, table linens, automotive interiors and more. Your clothes will look dazzling, which will also give you attractive. This hand steamer for clothes is an excellent choice to use as a gift for your families. It has a beautiful modern look and exceptional quality; we are sure you will love this hand-held equipment as this will be one of the best portable clothes steamers you ever came across.

Why Unibos?

Unibos is the ultimate and unique solution for affordable Indoor clothes airer, wall mounted clothes airer and best handheld clothes steamer in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re shopping from our website, Amazon or e-bay, we’re proud of the fact that we have the products and expertize to help support you with your choices on the move. If you would like to contact us with any inquiries, there are several methods you can use.