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Kitchen: The Heart of the home 

People generally say that the stomach is the way to your heart, and so Unibos believes that the Kitchen must be the heart of your home. Every house requires a kitchen. No other room other than bathroom serves such a definite purpose, I mean you cannot cook in your bedroom. So, having a functional and modern kitchen is truly a blessing! 

In every house, there are many private rooms that the family members use. Perhaps the father loves his office, children are meant to play in the kids' room or maybe the living room. However, the kitchen is the place that each family member uses daily. Have you ever thought or wondered why family and friends all come together in the kitchen? Initially, the kitchen was designed to prepare and cook meals. Over the past few decades, the kitchen has gradually evolved into the home’s epicenter. 

Food nourishes the mind, body, and soul. Without it, we would not survive. The kitchen provides storage and cooking food and essential nutrients. The kitchen also provides an opportunity for family fun activities. Cooking and baking with your family is a wonderful and enriching experience. It gives a chance to learn and explore new recipes.  

Kitchen is the heart of the home but the heart of the kitchen is the functional kitchen accessories

Proper and functional kitchen accessories are of utmost importance. They improve the speed of the cooking process and provide a better cooking experience. To maintain a healthy environment in the kitchen, it is necessary to have a proper cooking system. For a layman, happiness is a small house with a large kitchen. Unibos with its illuminating and functional kitchen accessories will brighten up your kitchen to make it the best corner of your house. The Unibos kitchenware product line is designed to enhance your cooking experience and it is the one-stop destination to make your kitchen utilitarian and marvelous. Also, we offer the most economical and best prices of kitchen accessories in the United Kingdom. Some of our unique kitchen accessories are electric cookers, 3 in 1 sandwich toaster, stainless steel jug kettle, omelet maker with removable plates and electric omelet maker. 

Product descriptions of the accessories:

1. Electric cooker

Whether you need a small cooker to make some rice for your family or cook dinner for the gatherings in a large cooker, Unibos will provide you the best and affordable electric cooker in the UK. This multi-purpose cooker can be used to meet the daily requirements of Boiling, Grill, Frying, and Cooking. A product that helps tremendously with your many cooking needs. Easy to use and clean, this multi-purpose cooker comes with a Tempered glass metastable top that gives it a sleek look, similarly, the non-stick container separator encourages you to develop an advantage in cooking a temperature-controlled Thermostat that allows you to choose a medium-size cooker, medium and high. Also, the cooling handle of the cooler makes it easier and safer to use. Ideal for cooking poaches egg, heating food, heating milk, boiling water, fast food, mini steamboat at the office, college and hostel. 

2. Sandwich toaster

Prepare immediate hunger pains by connecting to the delicious sandwiches you prepare at home using your favorite ingredients; this sandwich offers you a healthy way to do so. It has a non-toxic coating on the grill plates that lets you prepare sandwiches without dipping your food in oil or butter. The handle of this toaster is heat resistant for your safetyPrepare fresh, hot, and delicious sandwiches for your kitchen with this sandwich maker. It has a nice finish and features a stainless heat plate that promotes healthy eating for its 'low fat' cooking benefit. 

3. Non-stick frying pan 

With its smooth, non-stick base, this Induction Frying Pan lends an extraordinary functionality to your cooking. Looking at your safety, this frying pan comes with a secure handle and is a good gas stove fry container. Intended to deliver premium quality and extra motivation to your imperfections, this Unibos fry meal is a rich stretch in your kitchen that achieves more than just good looks. In the bliss of a sunny morning, when you want to cook healthy omelet breakfast then this pan is the best available option for you. You can also cook delicious pancakes, trumpets, fried eggs and mini pancakes using this non-stick pan. 

4. Electric jug kettle

The electric kettle that Unibos offers is compact and is travel friendly. This dual voltage corded travel kettle comes with two plastic cups and also has an on/off indicator light. It is automatic and comes with boil-dry protection. The cord can be stored neatly when not in use. 

5. Mini electric oven

This mini electric oven has a capacity of 20 liters and is a versatile product allowing you to use it as per your need and requirement. You can use it as an oven, grill or rotisserie depending on your meal. The temperature can be customized ranging from 65° to 230° with bell ringer timer which allows you to set the correct temperature and time for the next meal. With that, you get an extra 1 x bake tray (dishwasher safe), 1 x wire rack, and 1 x crumb tray (dishwasher safe), 1 x tray handle, and 1 x rotisserie fork. 

These are just a few of the kitchen accessories mentioned here. Unibos has brought you a list of over 100 products to provide you with the best cooking. So what are you waiting for? Unibos is the best option for the most affordable kitchen accessories available in the United Kingdom. Whether you're shopping on our website, eBay or Amazon store, we're proud to have products and technologies to help you support your life on the go. At Unibos, every day is sold to offer the cheapest price of kitchen accessories. Visit our website for more information and visit our store for kitchen accessories sale. 

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