There are a lot of reasons for a pool cover to keep the pool clean, and to maintain the water temperature. Many of the best pool covers are also strong enough to walk, acting as a safety barrier that prevents small animals and children from falling.

Depending on what your pool needs, pool cover types range from light solar blankets to heavy-duty winter protection covers. On top of that, there are major differences in design between the models built for in-ground swimming pools and in-ground swimming pools. So, how do you get it right?

Many factors are very important when choosing a cover - whether it fits the pool properly, how easy it is to install, and how it will last as long as it needs to be replaced. To make your choice easier, our Pool Cover Review has something great for every pool. And, if you want to know more about making a good cover, visit our website.

Sun2Solar clear rectangle pool cover

Sun2Solar pool covers are a great way to add some extra heat to your pool and reduce heating costs. Thanks to the countless air bubbles, these top-rated pools easily capture heat and transfer it to the water. On top of that, the fact that they are transparent allows even more sunlight to pass through, ensuring that hot water is always waiting for you. We like that this pool winter cover which is universal - it works great both on the ground and above the ground. It measures 16x40 feet by default, but you can easily trim it to better fit your pool. And, what's better, trimming it does not void the manufacturer's warranty. All this makes it our favourite for heating water and keeping debris out.

Blue Wave in a rectangular ground pool cover

Thanks to its tough polyethene construction, the Blue Wave Bronze Pool Cover guarantees top-level protection whether it is sun or snow. Its rugged part is not damaged by snow or heavy rain. On top of this, the fabric is protected from UV rays, which means that it is not weakened even by prolonged exposure to sunlight. To prevent algae growth, the blue wave inground swimming pool cover has a dark-coloured underside and very little sunlight through it. Combined with the sealed seam, it guarantees that the water remains clean until you open the pool. It is incredibly easy to install on any in-ground pool, and the 5-foot overhang and water tube loop allows you to secure it in place. As a proof of quality, Blue Wave gives you an 8-year warranty with purchase.

RobelleSuper Winter In-Ground Pool Cover

If you want to winterize your in-ground pool and need something reliable, check out the Robelle Super Winter in-ground pool cover. It uses heavy-duty polyethene material to withstand the toughest tests of the winter season. To further improve durability, the cover top has a UV resistant coating. While the top is blue, the underside is black to prevent the algae from growing under the cover. The design comes with a water tube loop on each side, so you can add some weight to keep it in place. It also comes with grommets in each corner, if you need extra protection, you can tie it down. The combination of smart design and high quality make it one of our favourites for winter pool protection.

Blue Wave Silver Round Above Ground Pool Cover

The Blue Wave Silver Pool Cover easily spreads over your above ground pool and not only protects it from debris, but also from strong sunlight or heavy rain. The material is UV-stable, ensuring that harmful rays do not damage the cover or your pool. On the other hand, the woven polyester structure can easily withstand low temperatures without tearing or weakening.With 4-foot overlap, these round pool covers are perfect for ground pools up to 24 feet in diameter. Unlike most other winter pool covers, they come with rip-proof metal grommets to tighten with a cable. Of course, a vinyl-coated cable and a tightener are included in the package. While its price is slightly higher, you will quickly realize that the quality is worth adding a few more bucks.

Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover

Its unique design makes the Intex round pool a clear choice for all Intex metal frame pools. It easily spreads around the metal frame and has a 10-inch overhang to allow even greater adjustment. As a bonus, the centre comes with drain holes to move through the water, so it doesn't put too much weight on the cover.To get it in place easily, this great cover comes with a rope tie. It is a nice and snug fit on a 15 foot round pool. While this does not protect your pool from rain or keep the water warm, the intakes cover guarantees that even the smallest debris will not be in the water. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to enjoy crystal-clear water every time.

Blue Wave NS110 Solar Blanket Pool Cover

An interesting thing about the Blue Wave NS110 pool cover is that it has a highly efficient insulating bubble layer. On sunny days, air bubbles help heat the water, while on cloudy days they act as a thermal barrier and prevent heat loss. The polymer used to make it is completely UV-resistant, so no amount of sun will harm your new pool cover.When a lot of sunlight reaches the cover, it can raise the water temperature to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, this is going to save a lot of money that you will spend on heating. And, since it is completely sealed, it reduces evaporation by 95%. Thanks to this performance, we think it is easily one of the best ground pool covers that you can use during the summer.

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Pool Cover

The thing that separates Buffalo Blogger from the rest is its balance between high quality and affordability. For a more decent amount of money, you are getting a UV resistant nylon cover with strong scrim (8 x 8 per square inch). Like many other swimming pool winter covers, the underside of the Buffalo Blogger cover is black to prevent algae growth and keep the water clean. The model we are reviewing is built for a 24-foot pool, and comes with a lot of overhangs, allowing for adjustment without too much pull. The design includes grommets every 3 inches so that you can use the provided cable and pulley, to make the cover really secure. In addition to what we are talking about, there are seven more sizes and two more colours to choose from, making it easy to find the right one for your pool.

Intex Solar Rectangular Pool Cover

The Intex solar pool cover is completely sewn to the rectangle of the intakes above the ground pool. Sized for an 18 x 9 feet frame pool, it provides complete protection from debris while keeping the pool warm. Although it is a solar blanket, made from its strict 160-micron material, it can last for a few seasons without any problems. We really like that it comes in a carry bag for easy storage. The structure of the air bubble prevents heat loss and allows the sun's rays to heat your pool efficiently. Of course, it also prevents evaporation, saving you a lot of money on water costs. These rectangles above ground pool covers are quite affordable for the quality they offer, which is why we can honestly recommend them to pool owners.

Blue Wave in Ground Safety Pool Cover

If security ranks high on your priority list, then blue wave pool cover is an excellent option for invaded pools. Thanks to its multi-seam stitching and two-ply mesh, it has break strength of over 4,000 pounds. This basically means that an adult can also walk on it, so it is guaranteed to keep children and small pets from falling inside.The package comes with all the hardware you need to set it up, as well as a storage bag for easy packing when you unload it and in a stainless steel frame. Since it is made of lattice, this cover allows water to enter but prevents any dirt or debris from entering the pool. This makes maintenance easier during winter because you do not have to remove excess water or snow from the cover.

Robelle Super Winter Above Ground Pool Cover

The thing we love most about Robelle Super Winter above ground cover is to fully protect your pool even in harsh weather. With its 8 x 8 scrim, it has the necessary strength to cover the pool during the off-season. The use of polyethylene material is heavier than most similar products, so you can count it for several years.For the setup, it fits perfectly on a pool that measures 24 feet in diameter. The cover comes with a 4-foot overhang for easy diffusion, and Robelle includes a winch and cable to secure it around your pool. In addition to this one, there are seven other sizes to choose from. All of this combined with a budget-friendly price makes it one of the best ground pool covers you'll come across.

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