Established in 2013, Unibos is one of the UK’s leading retailers for kitchenware. Consistently, families are clamouring in the kitchen – racing to leave for school and work, cooking a heavenly supper to slow down for the night, bunch cooking snack for a game night with companions – and consistently these minutes are loaded up with affection, chuckling, and joy. I don't figure you could state the equivalent for some other room in the home, in any event not to a similar degree. The heart of every house is the kitchen in it and what makes this kitchen beautiful is the kitchen accessories in it. Unibos is the one-stop destination to make your kitchen marvellous with our exclusive kitchen accessories.

The product line of Unibos kitchenware is characterized to serve all your cooking needs and give a better cooking experience. For a layman, happiness is a small house, with a huge kitchen. And now with Unibos kitchen accessories sets, you can brighten your kitchen with illuminating copper kitchen accessories. The creators of Unibos Kitchen accessories have pulled out all the stops to furnish your kitchen with the most ideal cooking experience.

Each pot or dish of Unibos Kitchenware is given a mechanically propelled surface covering to give you a brilliant cooking surface. We also offer the most affordable priced kitchen accessories in the United Kingdom. Some of our exclusive products are 20-liter mini Electric Oven, Dish drainer sinks and rack drip tray plates, 2000 W Electric Barbecue, Non-stick frying pan with a marble coating, 7-piece breakfast cutting board and 700 W Spanish Doughnut waffle maker machine.

20 Litre mini Electric oven is an extremely versatile product, allowing you to use it as an oven, grill or rotisserie for cooking any types of meals. Customizable temperature - ranging from 65° to 230° with an hour-long timer with bell ringer it allows you to set the correct time and temperature for your next meal. With that, you get an extra 1 x bake tray (dishwasher safe), 1 x wire rack, and 1 x crumb tray (dishwasher safe), 1 x tray handle, and 1 x rotisserie fork.

2000 W Electric Barbecue, the smokeless electric BBQ is ideal for indoor grilling. It likewise can be utilized outdoors in gardens, or caravan. Water filled dribble plate diminishes smell and smoke. BBQ all year round. Cleaner more advantageous cooking. Tempered steel warming elements. Chrome-plated flame grill. Customizable temperature dial. Thermostatically controlled. Plastic cool touch body. BBQ all year round!

Stainless steel dish drainer rack over the sink with spoon holder helps you for drying utensils as well as fruits and vegetables. It safely holds your dishes, kitchen bottles, spoons, chopsticks, spatulas, and different utensils. Organize your kitchen utensils and keep your countertop clean with this dish drainer. Also, it offers space for draining and drying dishes efficiently.

With its smooth, bending style, this non-stick Induction Base Taper Pan/Frying Pan, lends an exquisite and aesthetic view to your kitchen. Looking to your security it comes with a protected handle and it is a good gas stove fry container. Intended to convey premium quality and extraordinary incentive to your flawlessness, this Unibos fry dish is a rich expansion to your kitchen that accomplishes more than just looking good. Serving you, going with you for ages, in every single space of your kitchen, we need to reinforce this relationship by serving you more. Our items will assist you with going through incredible occasions with your friends and family, by making a family work a simpler and pleasant cooking experience for you.

With Spanish Doughnut Waffle churros maker machine, you can bake delicious home-made churros in a matter of minutes. For the ultimate dessert treat bake drizzle in chocolate sauce or sprinkle with cinnamon. Turn this churros maker 180° to evenly disperse the batter and ensure a textbook bake every time. The non-stick nature of this churros maker machine ensures the baked goods can be removed from the machine seamlessly, whilst also allowing for an easy wipe-clean surface post bake. It also allows for no oils to be used in the baking process, making these a healthier snack.

The amazing multi-purpose cooker which can be utilized to address everyday needs of Boiling, Grilling, Frying, and Cooking. An extremely useful product for your multi-cooking needs. Easy to use and clean, this multi-purpose cooker comes with Tempered glass metastable top which gives it makes it visually appealing, likewise non-stick covering of separable dish and pots encourages it to be progressively advantageous in cooking Thermostat for various temperature control causes you to choose the force scope of cooking with low, medium and high indoor regulator control. Additionally, a cool-touch handle makes it convenient and safe to use. Suitable for cooking poach egg, food warmer, milk warmer, boil water, instant meals, mini steamboat at the office, college and hostel.

These are just a very few kitchen accessories mentioned here. Unibos has brought to you a range of over 100 products to give you better cooking. So what are you waiting for? Unibos is the ultimate solution for the cheapest kitchenware accessories in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re shopping on our website, eBay shop or Amazon, we’re proud of the fact that we have the products and expertise to help support you with your life on the move. At Unibos, every day is sale to offer the most affordable prices for kitchen accessories. Visit our website for more details and to visit our kitchen accessories sale.