Looking for an art activity with your children? If yes, you have come to the right place!

Unibos makes creativity exciting, inspiring and innovative for children to using new medium and ideas. Do-it-yourself art and craft products use a variety of materials such as plaster of Paris, terracotta, paper and board, sand, sequins, shells, glass, cloth, etc.

Here we have listed five best art and craft kits for children so that their learning can be a fun activity and they can always learn while paying.

1.    Knitting Set

Weaving is an act that interests young girls. They like to use their knitting skills to make some products. The Unibos Knitting Kit is aimed at young girls who like to knit as a hobby and later develop it into personal skills. This knitting set contains coloured wool, plastic knitting needles and easy to follow instructions. Knitting crafts for children are an ideal option for young girls at home.

 Knitting Kit Toy helps your children develop and enhance their knitting and designing skills. This lets them create various artefacts such as scarves, bags, shawls, and other clothing items that will make them realize if they can develop this passion in the future. Children will find this knitting kit toys irresistible once they set their eyes on them and start using them.

2.    Kids Magical Unicorns Fun Dough 

Unibos clay set for children is a lot of fun when they are modelling figures. There is so much that your child can do with a tub of vibrant dough colours. This dough set will allow your children to make all kinds of unicorns they can imagine. They can also create fun objects, be it their favourite animal or bird or some imaginative product. They can also mix colours to come up with more shades and colours. With sixteen pieces of plastic moulds, the amazing clay model can be mastered in no time.

Fun can come in different shapes and sizes, but here, it comes in the form of 16 piece tools and accessories, each in an attractive colour to help children infuse their creativity. The dough makes a great playground for children as they can come up with their creations. The colours combine their fun and learning. Don't worry, it's made with safe, non-toxic ingredients and won't stick to your hands.

3.     Kids Fun Sand Magic Formula

Playing with sand will be a fun learning activity for your children with Unibos’s Kids fun sand magic formula. Create amazing bottle designs with sand and innovate new designs every day. This sand magic formula kit comes with 11 pcs. It includes four colour bags of sand, three castle moulds, one shaping tool, one activity play tray with the instructions guide.

4.    Candle Making Kit

Let your child learn the science behind candles and candle burning. This DIY activity toy teaches you how to make scented and coloured candles at home in different sizes! Make candles the easy way. Learn to make your own coloured and scented candles at home. An illustrated instruction manual teaches you in detail about the chemistry behind candles.

Learn to make candles with dried rose petals, vanilla and coffee-flavoured candles. Once you are making your candles, you can also gift the candles to those close to you. The package is equipped with all the necessary materials. It contains three glass candle jars, seven packs of coloured wax granules, candle wicks and shaping and design tools.

5.    Busy Bee Fabric Paint Pens

These brightly coloured fabric paints are specially designed for your children to draw and write on fabric. It is ideal for making permanent T-shirt permanent designs - endless designs.

Your children can use it for designing holiday, hen party, stag party t-shirts, and more. Each pack contains 10 paints in an assortment of colours.


If you are looking for more such products, do visit Unibos  and get the best fun learning art and craft activity set for your kids.