Clear water chlorine tablets are a popular way to clean your hot tub and keep it clean of bacteria. Over the years this option of sanitizer has become increasingly popular as some inflatable hot tub manufacturers have opted to recommend it. As inflatable hot tubs have become popular among customers, chlorine tablets have also increased in popularity. On the flip side, many acrylic hot tub manufacturers do not recommend taking chlorine tablets for reasons. Let us explore in this article about the positive and negative effects of chlorine tablets.

Are Chlorine tablets good? Are Chlorine tablets bad?

• The slow dissolving nature of the tablet means frequent doses over time, which reduces the risk of leaving chlorine below the recommended 3-5ppm on your chlorine test strips.

• Chlorine pills are effective and are arguably the cheapest way to kill bacteria in a hot tub.

• Tablets provide a suitable solution for those who do not use a hot tub for the duration as they ensure that chlorine is slowly dispersed over time.

• Chlorine tablets (trichlor) are acidic, which means that PH and alkalinity will be reduced when using this product. This means that a greater pH balance is necessary than using a more pH neutralizing product such as chlorine granules.

• It is common for chlorine tablets to create high chlorine levels that can be harmful to hot tub components. This occurs as a user error because some hot tubers see the tablet as a 'set and forget' system, causing product misuse. Like any hot tub sanitizer, pH and alkalinity levels must be balanced.

How to add chlorine tablets to your pool? 

Adding pills to your water is simple. You can combine them in a few different ways, so it is best to learn your options and choose the one that is best for you and your family.

1. Floating chlorine dispenser

These floating dispensers are convenient and low maintenance so many people prefer this option. The dispenser disperses the dissolving chlorine tablet while swimming around in its pool. The only drawback to this option is that they can sometimes be caught in one place and not remove chlorine uniformly. Which can result in a bleaching effect on your pool liner?

2. kimmer

A great option is to add the tablet to your skimmer while your filter is running. This will dissolve the tablet very quickly and effectively by the water moving through the skimmer basket. Clearwater is evenly scattered throughout the pool.

How many chlorine tablets are required?

1-3 tablets are recommended for small hot tubs and 3-5 tablets for large hot tubs. Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to this question and it depends on many factors such as water flow, usage and hot tub size. Test your water regulation after start-up and see how the levels are seated. If the tablets do not meet the demand, add more or if the chlorine level is too high then reduce the quantity. You may need to increase levels each time with chlorine granules or a chlorine shock pot, this is due to the slow dissolving nature of chlorine tablets, which means they react slower than granular chlorine.

What are the size of multifunction chlorine tablets for hot tubs?

There are two main sizes of chlorine tablets available in the market. One 200-gram large chlorine tablet (3-inch diameter) and one 20-gram small chlorine tablet (1-inch diameter). The 200-gram tablets are designed primarily for swimming pools, while the 20-gram tablets are for hot tubs and small splashier pools. Due to the water capacity, we do not hold back from using large tablets of 200 g swimming pools in a hot tub because they will cause high levels of chlorine that can damage the components. Only use 20g chlorine tablets in a hot tub.

How long do chlorine tablets last in a hot tub?

Small 20g chlorine tablets will slowly dissolve over 3-7 days depending on the flow of water, water temperature and hot tub usage. Monitor your first batch to find out the time it dissolves in your hot tub for future reference.

Why Chlorine Pills Are Your Best Option?

Chlorine tablets are easy to use, and they deliver chlorine to your pool water at a much more stable and consistent rate than the granular alternative. It takes longer to use grains because you have to estimate the correct amount.

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