With outdoors and backyards now, the number one hang spot and the warmer weather along the way, now is a great time to invest in a paddling pool for your kids. On a hot summer day in the garden, little kids love nothing more than getting in the paddling pool. Whether you're looking to entertain the kids or just want a way to cool off in the summer, there are plenty of options when it comes to paddling pools for kids - including some impressive and affordable deals. But with so many to choose from, it's hard to find which one to splash out of cash.

A few things to consider before buying paddling pools for your children.

  • Your child’s safety and comfort
  • Your child’s age
  • Size of the paddling pool for kids
  • Where will you place the paddling pool?
  • Paddling pool lining

Here is a list of the ten best paddling pools for kids by Unibos to buy this summer.

1. Value for Money - Chad Valley Family Pool

This pool is enough to make most children splash at once. It is strong and sturdy and should stand up to most of the buoyant children on a hot day. The depth of this paddling pool is not suitable for children under three but is perfect for older children. The Chad Valley Family Pool is a treat for any garden. Not only this comes with good size, but the extra-wide and thick walls are nice and robust, so kids can start messing up around. It comes with self-adhesive repair patches in case of accidents. When it comes to assembly, it takes 13 minutes to inflate and 23 minutes to fill.

2. To keep your kid cool - Intex Mushroom Baby Pool

If you’re only looking for a paddling pool to cool off completely, this fun mushroom option might be just one. Suitable for children older than one year, it is ideal for keeping small people sheltered from the sun, while giving them space to splash. Assembly is not required and it can be flown with air in ten minutes, so this is a great tool to carry with you for your kid on a vacation or take it to the beach. Thanks to its soft floor, it works on the patio and can also be used inside the home - fill it with balls or toys and watch your child play.

3. For large families, best Metal Frame Paddling Pool - Intex Rectangular Pool

Generally, it is a small portable swimming pool in which children can swim and adults can relax. It allows more water than a traditional round frame pool and also has a mosaic tile print inside the grey liner. If you have a large family and are lucky enough to have a large garden, the Intex rectangular pool is a great choice. Surprisingly, it only takes 30 minutes to set-up and has a sturdy steel frame. The Intex Pool has an impressive water capacity of 439 gallons, so it is ideal for large children and adults to cool off. While this pool is a bit more expensive than an inflatable pool, we have found this pool to be very flexible and guaranteed to last for years.

4. Best baby paddling pool - Jojo Maman Bebe pop up paddling pool

When it comes to babies, we think this is the best you can buy. Suitable for nine months, this pop-up paddling pool of JoJo Maman Bebe is ideal for babies and toddlers. It can be assembled immediately (music in any parent's ears) and is made of durable fabric with UPF 50+ protection for those hot days. For storage and when not in use, it can be closed in a 4cm carry bag. After use, you can easily fold it back into a fabric carry bag which easily fits into the beach bag.

5. Play Centre -  Chad Valley Activity Play Paddling Pool

With this, you get two pools for the price of one, offering hours of fun. The combination of bright colours, attention to detail, delight the real audience but try to keep this from kids more than five years of age because it's aimed at little tots. An inflatable play centre featuring a sprinkler, slide and ball pit, the Chad Valley 8.5-foot Activity Play Centre paddling pool takes just five minutes to grow but keeps kids busy for hours.

6. Pool with seats - Intex Family Lounge pool

Looking for a paddling pool the whole family can afford? The Intex family lounge pool may be the ideal choice. Sitting on the hard floor is not very comfortable for moms and dads, but the pool is also complete with four inflatable seats, backrests and cup holders. Other nice little touches include extra-wide pavement, drain plugs, and compact deterioration when not in use. Expect the pool to be inflated in 10 minutes with the pump.

 7. Best paddling pool for quick Inflation - Bestway Fast set pool

Comes with repair kit, drain plug, filter pump and protective cover. If you want to invest in a pool which encourages you to use it again and again, this is a great option. Its selling point is that it has a water filter, which means it's not heavy and you can leave it for a few days without refilling it. To inflate, the Best Way Fast Set Pool comes in many sizes that would fit into any public space, big or small.

8. Fun Factor - Sprinkler Mat

For an easy option that doesn't require blowing, why not try a sprinkler mat? This paddling play mat can be easily installed by attaching it to the garden hose, then you need to adjust the water pressure to get a lower or higher sprinkler height. Made of premium PVC material, this mat is nice and durable and suitable for three children. This playmat is a great way to keep your kid cool during the summer months. It is also easy to wrap and store when not in use.

9. Go, kids! - Best way Turbo Splash Water Park

This is much more than a paddling pool, as you can expect with a high price tag. Kids can keep things simple by paddling in the water, or more adventurous spirits can climb a slide on the rock wall, which is well rounded for a splash of fun in the pool. Then there’s the Water Blaster which you can spray when your siblings or peers slip down. Incredibly, it is inflated with an air blower in just two minutes. There is a net shoe aimed at keeping children between five and 10 years old safe and when they get wet.

 10.   Aquarium world - Chad Valley Aquarium Activity Pool

With a vibrant water sports area with blow-up slides, palm trees, dolphins, clownfish and octopus, there is a world of water fun for small castles. It just takes 10 minutes to inflate it and there is enough room for four kids to splash in the playful world of the aquarium. It is convenient and easy to wrap up and store.

So these were the best 10 paddling swimming pools for kids by Unibos. For more information, you can visit our website www.unibos.co.uk. Like and share the article so this summer doesn’t end up in boredom for your kids.